The arrival of COVID-19 to our world has highlighted the need for better cleaning and sanitizing in our daily lives. We have very quickly become comfortable with a much higher level of cleaning, personal hygiene, and sanitizing. Sanitize is a word that did not very often get used in our daily lives, because we have forgotten how necessary it is. But the truth is, sanitizing and disinfecting is imperative is dealing with many of the germs and viruses in our world that we were simply becoming accustomed to.

Flu cases in not only Australia but around the world are lower than usual, and that is without even trying. I am sure that just as many people have had a flu shot this year if not more than last year and yet the numbers are lower than that of many years gone by. We are being more careful. We are making sure we cough away from people, breathe away from people and generally just staying away. It’s a good habit. It’s a little alienating sometimes but on the whole we are subconsciously developing some very good habits.

So, go ahead and #staysafe, #socialdistance and #lockdown to help protect your family and friends but also remember that cleaning and sanitizing your home, work and recreational areas is important too. Carry hand sanitizer with you provide for everyone. We all need to help and then we will all get through this.


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