Maintaining and growing a business is hard already so don’t make life any more difficult by having to keep your office clean yourself too!

By keeping the office clean, we’re removing harmful bacteria that could infect your staff and keep them away from work and unproductive.  Here are the three biggest hotspots for germs:

Door Handles

Everyone always thinks to clean the front door and any other primary doors but what about the fridge and microwave door or even the filing cabinet drawer handles? Having a few bottles of hand sanitiser spray can certainly help curb the amount of germs but you still need regular disinfection of the surroundings.  One Planet Cleaning can identify these areas and keep them squeaky clean.


Keyboards, telephones, photocopy machines are all used by employees but most workplaces forget that these need to be cleaned.  Electronic devices can be hotspots of germs so a professional cleaner like One Planet Cleaners can give the office a full wipe down.

Elevators and Handrails

Imagine how regularly the handrails in your office are being gripped and then irregularly cleaned?  If your workplace has an elevator, the buttons are being pressed all day with very little cleaning.  Employ a professional cleaner to make sure you don’t have to think about it and your staff can work in a spotless workplace.

Cleaning these parts of your workplace take priority but here at One Planet Cleaning, we take care of everything from carpet to window cleaning.  Contact us today!