When you run a gym, it’s important to have your cleaning services in tip top shape. At One Planet Cleaning, we know the ins and outs of challenges that gyms face when it comes to germ, bacteria and general cleanliness.  As experienced cleaning professionals, you can rely on us to deliver superior sanitation and disinfection, keeping your patrons healthy and happy.

Gym Cleaning Melbourne

Gym cleaning services from One Planet Cleaning are delivered by experts in fitness center and gym cleaning services. We are committed to industry-specific and site-specific cleaning services, unlike other commercial cleaners.  We don’t use the same cleaning techniques we would in an industrial warehouse for a gym – instead we craft a customised cleaning action plan, tailored to your space so we can be efficient and effective in our clean.

With One Planet Cleaning, you can rest assured that you will receive:

  • Heavyweight Disinfection. With our system, you’re assured a 99% germ, bacteria, and virus kill-rate. Despite its tough-on-germs nature, our products are gentle on people and the environment.
  • Germ and Bacteria Hotspot Targeting. Gyms are notorious places to breed germs and bacteria – but that doesn’t have to be the case. With One Planet Cleaning, your equipment, lockers, restrooms all receive thorough and detailed cleans, stopping bacterial growth in its tracks.
  • Health & Safety. We stay up to date on the latest in workplace health and safety. This allows us to keep you compliant with all regulations.
  • Green Cleaning Solutions. Green cleaning comes standard.
  • A Professional Image. Our commitment to professionalism extends to our appearance. Our staff are required to wear full uniforms while on site at your facility.

Muscle up with better cleaning and disinfection services. Call us today at 1300 175 263 to make One Planet Cleaning your gym cleaning services provider.