Moving out of a business space is not without its challenges. Among the pressing tasks is ensuring your office space is pristine – mirroring its original state. While daily operations can overshadow this crucial chore, overlooking it can cost penalties or even a chunk of your bond. Navigate this transition smoothly with our comprehensive guide on end-of-lease cleaning.

The Ultimate Checklist:

General Cleaning (All Rooms):
  • Surfaces: Commence by dusting and wiping every accessible space, covering countertops, tables, and desks.
  • Mirrors & Glass: Ensure mirrors and all glass surfaces shine without a blemish.   Tip: Use a streak-free cleaner here.
  • Floors: Vacuum carpets thoroughly. Hard floors need a good mopping, but for vinyl floors, a professional strip and seal clean ensures longevity and sheen.
  • Bins: Make sure they are empty and pristine both inside and out.
  • Light Fixtures: Clean light fixtures and ensure all bulbs are working.
  • Doors: Doors gather more dirt than you’d think. Ensure the top, handles, and both sides are spotless.
Office Space and Workstations:
  • Behind Desks & Furniture: The hidden areas behind desks and furniture often gather dust and debris. Ensure they’re clean.
  • Tech Hygiene: If hardware is staying with the building, dust off computer monitors, keyboards, and other electronics, keeping in mind the sensitivity of the equipment.
  • Phones & Headsets: Ensure these frequently used items are wiped down and disinfected.
  • Furniture: Office chairs and other upholstery should be vacuumed deeply or steam cleaned to remove any lurking dust or allergens.
Kitchen/Break Room Area:
  • Appliances: The office fridge and microwave should be spotless both inside and out. Also, address appliances like toasters and coffee machines.
  • Countertops: Clean and disinfect all surfaces thoroughly with commercial grade products.
  • Sink: Scrub to make sure there’s no residue or food particles left.
  • Storage: Empty cabinets and drawers, ensuring they’re devoid of old items or grime.
  • Flooring: If your kitchen or break room has vinyl flooring, a strip and seal cleaning is vital to restore its shine.
Bathrooms & Toilets:
  • Toilets & Urinals: Ensure these are deeply cleaned and disinfected.
  • Sinks & Faucets: Scrub away any residue and ensure a mirror finish with no water deposits.
  • Tiles and Grout: Over time, tiles and grout can dull and accumulate dirt without you even remembering how good they can look. We specialise in restoring tiles and grout, bringing them back to their original shine and cleanliness.
  • Mirrors: Clean to ensure they shine without streaks.
  • Sanitary Facilities: Empty, disinfect, and wipe sanitary bins. Check and refill soap dispensers and ensure they work correctly.
  • Ventilation: Dust and clean exhaust fans or vents to ensure proper airflow and deter mould growth.
  • Interior Panes: Ensure every pane shines from top to bottom.
  • Sills & Ledges: These areas often gather dust and need thorough wiping.
  • Blinds & Drapes: Dust, clean, and ensure they function as intended.
  • Exterior Cleaning: For offices in high-rise buildings or with specialised window access requirements, cleaning can be challenging. One Planet Cleaning is equipped with professional equipment and trained staff to ensure every window shines, irrespective of its location. If you’re grappling with hard-to-reach windows, rest assured, we have the solution.

Dos and Don’ts:

  • Begin Ahead of Time: Start your cleaning well in advance, ideally a week or more before the lease ends.
  • Engage Professionals: Especially for niche tasks like carpet cleaning, strip and seal cleaning for vinyl floors, or tile and grout restoration.
  • Revisit Your Lease: Always refer back to your lease agreement. It might have specified cleaning mandates.
  • Delay: Last-minute cleaning can lead to oversights and incomplete work.
  • Overlook Damages: Beyond cleaning, ensure you address and repair any wear and tear.
  • Use Mismatched Products: Ensure you use the right cleaning agents for the right surfaces, avoiding potential damage or residue.

Embarking on an end-of-lease cleaning journey is about upholding a reputation of diligence and respect. While the task might seem intimidating, especially when contending with larger office spaces or specialised cleaning needs, expert assistance can simplify the process. One Planet Cleaning is at your service, ensuring everything from your high-rise windows to bathroom tiles shine with perfection.

Attention to detail is the game-changer – leaving every space immaculate ensures a hassle-free exit from your leased commercial space.