If you’ve been trying to keep your office clean using your own staff or a contractor, we’ve written this article for you!  Keeping a workspace is hard work and “out of sight” should definitely not lead to “out of mind” so today’s article is here to highlight some areas that are commonly missed when trying to keep a space clean and tidy.

Buttons and light switches

Small details can make a huge difference so those grimy light switches and other surface buttons can make an office space look uncared for and tired.  That’s not to mention the germs that are happily living on those switches.  Ensuring your switches are wiped with a disinfectant spray and wiping the dust off the switch will provide a much more enjoyable experience to all in the office.

The bins

Sound simple?  Office bins are always filling up, emptied and having a bin liner replaced but that’s generally it.  Next time you throw away a tea bag or some food scraps, have a look at the wall behind the bin and the floor underneath – generally it’s not a pretty sight!

Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers have routine inspections and services to ensure they are in good working order in the event of an emergency.  That doesn’t typically mean they are cleaned routinely though and we have seen some very, very dusty extinguishers.  Have a look and make sure your fire extinguisher is given some attention in your routine clean.

The dishwasher

There is a saying – ’to clean something, you must make something else dirty’.  The dishwasher takes our full sink of dishes and handles them with ease but we must ensure we also clean the dishwasher routinely.  There is a filter at the bottom that needs to be cleaned and most dishwasher will have a self-clean cycle that should be run.  We highly recommend it so you don’t end up with half-cleaned glasses with a pond-like aroma.


While we spend so much time looking to clean the floor and surfaces we can touch, it’s vital to look up at the vents and extractors in the ceilings.  These intakes can get exceptionally dusty and even though they may be hard to reach or access, you must make sure to keep them clean.


Blinds can be the most dreaded part of cleaning a space and it should absolutely be added to a routine clean.  The only way to make cleaning blinds easier is to do it often because there is nothing worse than trying to clean blinds that have dirt that has been ‘baked’ on by the sun.



Keeping an office space clean comes down to quality and consistency.  That’s why setting up a regular cleaning schedule with a rigorous cleaning team such as One Planet Cleaning is crucial.  If you would like to have an obligation free conversation in regards to setting up a regular cleaning routine, we would love to hear from you.  Contact us at enquiries@oneplanetcleaning.com.au or call us on 1300 175 263.