Why is Cleaning your glass windows important. As we all know, First Impressions certainly do count. It’s why we dress up for meetings. Make sure our hair is neat and all those other nice things. It sounds so cliché but the first impression we give someone very often lasts forever. Our offices and work places should be the same. It’s not just about having a clean work environment for ourselves although that is very important.

Glass makes us look good. For some reason glass makes us look better, it makes our companies look better. It makes us look better.

Why? Well possibly because it lets in light. Probably the biggest reason. But also, we can see each other so it allows for communication via sight, or even to avoid accidents because we can see someone on the other side of a glass door.

So! Glass brightens our day, keeps you #safe and helps you to avoid your boss coming straight toward you.  Good luck.

What is NOT good about glass? Well, when it gets dirty, it somehow turns into nothing but a filter and seems to show us how bad everything looks. It’s really hard to see something good, nice or inviting when you filter it through dirty glass.

Keep your glass clean!!

Call your professionals and get your glass clean today!

When visitors arrive at our location/facility/office the first impression is often very subtle. Visitors very often barely even realize what they like or don’t like. Sometimes it’s just a clean flashy entrance way, a tidy reception area. One thing is for certain, Windows!! When we enter an office our gaze is automatically drawn to look through any glass we see because we are looking to gain more information about where we are. For this reason, cleaning your glass windows plays an enormous role in making a good first impression (clean floors are important too no doubt.) I don’t really know why, perhaps it’s because we all know how hard they are to keep clean. Nevertheless, they really do the job at making people feel happy. This is a great technique for cleaning windows.

One Planet Facility Services knows the importance of clean crisp looking windows and we can help with Cleaning your glass windows at your earliest convenience.

Give us a call, the number is right there at the top.

High Rise Window Cleaning

High Rise window cleaning.  <BRRR> makes me shudder. But, it’s really important. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have been in a high-rise hotel or restaurant or office. Sometimes the windows are just not that great. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s hard to do, but that doesn’t change the fact that it still looks bad.

At One Planet Cleaning we have people here to do that. They are qualified, safety certified and most of all… Brave! We can clean your tall, not so tall or even just your strangely shaped high up windows. Whatever you need.

So contact us now to clean your out-of-reach windows. We can fix the problem for you – 1300 175 263