Remember back not so long ago when we would clean things. We would clean our offices, our homes, our facilities. Sure we used disinfectants to kill germs, but lets face it. We wanted it to be shiny and nice and pretty because in our human minds if it’s shiny it’s clean.

Think about it, nobody disinfects an area without actually cleaning the visible dirt as well. Even though it WOULD be clean, it just wouldn’t look like it.

This year, what might become known as the “year of hell” or “the most difficult in living memory” or maybe just the “infamous 2020” has confirmed one thing for us. WE NEED TO CLEAN. It’s not just about disinfecting surfaces, it’s about actual sanitising which is more than disinfecting. Disinfecting a surface will kill germs, but not viruses. The average person has actually learned a lot this year about cleaning and what is required. Hopefully we won’t forget in a hurry.

Sanitising your own home or office or workspace, industrial site, manufacturing plant whatever… We need to keep it clean and safe. Make sure you do your part to #staysafe, be aware of #COVID-19 and call One Planet Facility Services to come and professionally clean your locations wherever they may be.