The key outcome of employing a professional cleaner is, a clean and tidy workspace. Very straightforward.

The less discussed outcome is that you actually have a safer workspace which makes it a much more ideal place to work.

Some of the issues that can be prevented with a consistent cleaning program include:

Lower risk of fire

It might seem a little extreme but the grease and dust that accumulates in a workplace alongside the heat generated from commercial/industrial equipment makes a space much more susceptible to fire.  Also one of the most common causes of fire is lack of maintenance in equipment and unorganised clutter so having a commercial cleaning team that has the knowledge of what is necessary to clean will reduce the risk significantly.  Removing waste and making sure there’s no liquids to spill will keep the space tidy and safe!

Poor ergonomics

Cluttered spaces are chaotic spaces.  When staff are having to move around things to navigate a space to work, there’s a risk to their ergonomic setups.  Having staff needing time off work to work on their pain from work is the last thing any employers wants.  Ensuring your staff have a clean, clutter free space to work lets them do what they do best and there’s very little probably of things going awry.

Accidents related to equipment

For industrial and commercial workspaces, having your equipment cleaned regularly is an absolute must.  Poor maintenance schedules can cause equipment to malfunction and potentially cause risks to staff making them susceptible to injury.  Cleaning and maintaining any machinery and equipment can save you a great deal of resources in the long run.

Less chance of illness spreading

Workplaces where staff are handling any hazardous substances need to be cleaned thoroughly of any residue that may have coated communal areas where employees do not wear protective gear. In a workspace, it is also difficult to maintain hygiene the way we do in our homes.

Commercial cleaners take every factor into account while carrying out professional cleaning, from disinfecting frequently touched surfaces to cleaning out the grime and dust accumulated on the machinery, the floors, walls, etc. Further, commercial cleaning also greatly reduces the risk of illnesses and germs spreading from one employee to another.  This should come as no surprise given we just made it through a global pandemic.

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