We often see companies looking to save money by simply not employing a contract commercial cleaner however the economics don’t add up.  As a business owner, your office may have become your home away from home but it’s important to treat your office with a high degree of respect and ensure the tidiness of your workplace is left to the professionals.

Using contract cleaners has numerous benefits for your company, as they help you to project a more professional image to clients via a clean, maintained office as well as keeping employees healthy and ready for work.  Recent findings show that a clean workplace is more productive and keeps your staff at work.

A professional contract cleaner will ensure your peace of mind knowing that there is one less thing to take care of.  Here’s 6 of the major benefits to employing a contract cleaner.

1). You’ll get a better, more thorough clean when you hire a professional

Imagine everyone is focussed at their desk, making your company money when suddenly… VROOOM!  Someone has turned the vacuum on and disturbed everyone in the office.  It’s simply not worth the distraction.  Instead, a professional cleaning company like One Planet Cleaning will come in after hours, get in all the hard to access places and do a far better job than a superficial day time clean.

2). A healthier workplace

A clean office = a healthy office.

Get on top of allergens and dust mites that accumulate in office environments with a regular clean.  Staff members that may be sick will contaminate work spaces so it’s crucial to get rid of all those nasty bugs with some high quality cleaning products.

3). Save yourself time 

Companies like ours use economies of scale to deliver high quality cleans at a far cheaper cost than you could by having doing it yourself.  It’s worth crunching the numbers and determining what revenue you could be making for your business as opposed to using that time to mop floors.

4). Reduce employee absenteeism

When one staff member is sick, it’s an issue but when the whole office is sick, that’s a disaster! Plan and avoid those kind of disasters by having a regular cleaning schedule that keeps the office fresh and everyone healthy.  How much do sick days cost your business?

5). We have the best skills and latest technology

Just like in your own industry, the technology is always evolving in the cleaning sector.  By hiring a commercial cleaner, you’re also getting access to the latest equipment and products that are proven to be effective.  We have the gear to get into air vents, hard to reach crevices and getting rid of the germs that you might not know are there.

Old equipment takes more time to use and costs you money so why settle?

6). Have a perfect first impression

When employees and potential clients see an unclean workspace, it automatically compromises the integrity of your business.  Get on the front foot, keep your office sparkling clean and wow your clients so they come back for more business and tell their contacts too!

If you would like to discuss your cleaning arrangement, then get in touch with us at enquiries@oneplanetcleaning.com.au or call us on 1300 175 263