If you work at a construction or industrial site, you and everyone else is acutely aware of the various hazards present.  While regular specialised cleaning may very well be required to keep these risks at bay, it’s often very easy to simply to busy looking after your team to ensure that all the cleans are taking place.

One Planet offers construction and industrial cleaning services to Melbourne businesses and we hope to be the answer to all your woes!  We can offer:

  • Cleaning and painting silos
  • High cleaning industrial (scissor lift, long pole, knuckle boom).  Our team have EWP licenses
  • Process lines.  Food process lines.  Production lines.
  • Floor scrubbing and pressure washing
  • Truck mounted pressure washing.  Hot and cold solutions available.
  • Truck mounted vacuuming
  • and much more

Check out the rest of our article to discover 4 more reasons why you may need to get your cleaning organised as soon as possible.


You run a complex business with highly skilled employees so it’s simply not worth paying them a premium wage to be cleaning.  By hiring a professional commercial cleaner, you can have your premises and equipment cleaned at a much lower rate and let your staff focus on what they are best at.

Prevent Hazardous Liability Risks

At construction and industrial worksites, there is a long list of risks that are ever-present.  By ignoring routine cleaning schedules, you put the business at an increased risk of liability.  Tick the box on cleaning and leave it to a professional like One Planet Cleaning.

Improved Work Morale

Distraction is a constant cost to any business.  When staff are focussing on tasks that are not core to their role, they are being under-utilised.  Let your staff focus on their jobs and leave the cleaning to us so when your highly motivated staff come to work, they can arrive to a squeaky clean worksite.

Better Health

Keeping an office clean is very important as dust and bacteria can build up.  However, a construction and industrial site can be full of debris and nasty chemicals that you need to limit as much as possible to keep your team happy and healthy.  With a regular routine cleaning schedule (or one off for emergency jobs), we will ensure your workplace is healthy and fit for work!

If you’re relying on your employees to clean up the site, it most likely is not being done regularly as they have a myriad of other duties to attend to. This isn’t enough to keep your site clean and free from bacteria, dust and debris that could be affecting the health of your employees.


Given that a construction and industrial site cleaning service has so many advantages, it’s clear that your operation could lose out on efficiency, productivity and safety if the appropriate measured are not taken. Get in touch with us today to find out more